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Nicole Fox McCabe graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts  Degree in 1993.  She attended law school at both Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and the University of Virginia, and received her Juris Doctor in 1997.  She was admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1997. 

She is currently a member of the Virginia State Bar, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the Richmond Bar Association, the Henrico County Bar Association, the Richmond Metro Women’s Bar Association and the American College of Equine Attorneys.    

Ms. McCabe’s practice is focused on family.    The majority of her cases are in the domestic arena which includes divorce, separation, child custody and support cases.  While one of Ms. McCabe’s primary goals is to protect her client’s financial interests, she is equally focused on protecting the interests of children as their parents undergo divorce.  Parents divorce each other – they do not, and should not, divorce their children  

Ms. McCabe promotes a “child-focused” divorce where she encourages her clients to focus on making the transition as easy as possible for the children.  The primary benefit of a “child- focused” divorce is that, if handled correctly by the parents, the divorce is not as traumatic of an event to the family unit. 

An additional benefit of the “child-focused” divorce is that it fosters reasonableness and civility between the adults which usually extends to other areas of the pending divorce.   Ms. McCabe has a strong foundation of knowledge concerning the impact of divorce on children and the appropriate way to approach divorce with children. Her knowledge stems from over 10 years of representing children in custody cases as a guardian ad litem

Even if there are no children involved, Ms. McCabe encourages reasonableness with her clients in order that issues may be resolved in the
most timely and cost effective manner.  If necessary, however, Ms. McCabe is also very experienced in aggressively representing her clients in court. 


Ms. McCabe continues to represent the interests of families as they undergo other civil issues or criminal issues within the domestic arena.  Whether the family is facing an eviction by a landlord or has a juvenile that is facing criminal charges in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, Ms. McCabe has vast experience representing the needs and interests of her clients on civil and criminal matters.


If a family member is thinking of starting a small business on their own. Ms. McCabe can assist in the process by creating the business entity and serving as the company’s registered agent on an annual basis. 

Ms. McCabe will also work to protect the family as the members grow older.  She drafts Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directives.  She also represents individuals who wish to qualify as a Conservator and /or Guardian to take care of the needs of an incapacitated family member. 



The most unique area of Ms. McCabe’s practice is her focus on equine law.  Since childhood, Ms. McCabe has been an avid lover of horses.  She has channeled that love into her legal practice by dedicating her time and expertise to representing the needs of her equine clients.  She is the author of “Legal Straight Talk” in the monthly publication of the Virginia Horse Journal.  

Whether the client needs equine releases and waivers, equine contracts for buying, breeding or boarding horses , or there is an issue of personal injury or property damage caused by an equine,  Ms. McCabe has the knowledge and experience to protect her client’s interests. 

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